About Us

Effortless Bowling Tours for Your Club

With over 20 years of expertise, we’ve been the trusted partner of UK Bowling Clubs for seamless, enjoyable experiences. We take care of every detail, from hotel bookings to transportation and fixtures, thanks to our strong connections in the industry.

Our commitment? To make your club’s bowls tour experience worry-free and memorable, with our expert team on hand to solve any problems.

Our Vision

Empowering Your Club Through Quality, Choice, and Community

Our mission is to enrich your club’s experience by offering high-quality accommodation, diverse destinations, and active community support to boost bowls memberships. With our expert team guiding you through the planning process, we ensure a smooth and unforgettable journey for your club.

Our Community

Connecting and Growing the Bowls Community

Our passion for bowls extends beyond unforgettable tours. We help clubs connect and thrive by offering valuable resources to enhance their membership. By fostering stronger connections and supporting growth, we’re dedicated to revitalizing the bowls community for years to come.

Care (Quality)

Expert-picked hotels & modern coaches for your comfort


Supporting local clubs, making a difference together


Discover vibrant, stunning destinations for your club