United Kingdom Lawn Bowls Quiz

Welcome to the ultimate quiz for Lawn Bowls enthusiasts! If you have a passion for this classic sport and its rich history in the United Kingdom, this is the place to test your knowledge. From championships to the nitty-gritty of the game, let’s see if you can score a perfect game!

Test Your Expertise in Lawn Bowls

1) What championship is considered the pinnacle of lawn bowls in the UK?
The British Isles Bowls Championships.

2) What is the standard length of an outdoor lawn bowls rink in the UK?
40 meters.

3) Which UK city hosts the Bowls England headquarters?
Royal Leamington Spa, the epicenter of lawn bowls in the UK.

4) True or False: The UK hosts the EIBA National Indoor Championships for indoor lawn bowls annually.
True. The EIBA National Indoor Championships is a celebrated annual event for indoor lawn bowls in the UK.

5) What is the UK-specific term for a lawn bowls match between teams from different clubs or counties?
Inter-club or inter-county match.

6) Which UK location is renowned for the World Indoor Bowls Championships at Potters Resort?
Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk, a haven for indoor lawn bowls enthusiasts.

7) True or False: “Jack high” describes a bowl level with the jack in lawn bowls.
True. “Jack high” refers to a bowl that is positioned at the same height as the jack.

8) What is the conventional duration of a standard lawn bowls match in the UK?
21 ends or 18 ends, depending on the competition format.

9) True or False: The EBA Open Championships is an esteemed outdoor lawn bowls tournament in the UK.
True. The EBA Open Championships is a prestigious tournament that showcases the best of outdoor lawn bowls in the UK.

10) What size and weight are traditional lawn bowls in the UK?
Size 0 to Size 5, with weights between 1.45kg and 1.59kg.

11) What shot involves positioning a bowl directly in front of the jack to obstruct an opponent in lawn bowls?
A blocking or guarding shot.

12) True or False: An improperly delivered jack is returned for the opposing lead or player to reposition the mat and jack.
True. If the jack is improperly delivered, it is returned, and the opposing lead or player has the opportunity to reposition the mat and re-deliver the jack.

13) Where is the jack placed if both players improperly deliver it?
The jack is placed at the 2-metre mark.

14) What term is used to describe the start of a lawn bowls game?
“Give away the mat.”

15) True or False: The opposition may reposition the mat if the jack is improperly delivered.
True. The opposing player has the option to reposition the mat if the jack is delivered incorrectly.

16) What does a lawn bowls player mean by “too much grass”?
The bowl has been bowled with too much width.

17) True or False: Lawn bowls is an official sport in the Olympic Games.
False. Lawn bowls is not currently included as an official sport in the Olympic Games.

18) What material were traditional lawn bowls made of?
Initially, lawn bowls were made from lignum vitae, a dense wood.

19) Whatdoes the term “ditch” signify in lawn bowls?
In lawn bowls, the “ditch” is the depression or channel running along the edges of the playing surface, known as the rink.

20) What materials are used in the construction of modern lawn bowls?
Modern lawn bowls are generally made of Bakelite for black bowls or melamine for coloured bowls.

Congratulations on completing the UK Lawn Bowls Quiz! Whether you’re a seasoned player or just discovering the joys of this timeless sport, we hope this quiz has enriched your knowledge. Keep practicing, keep learning, and may your bowls always find their mark!


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