Ultimate Lawn Bowls Quiz: Equipment & Terminology

Welcome to the Ultimate Lawn Bowls Quiz, where you get to test your knowledge on the equipment and terminology of this fantastic sport. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, this quiz is sure to challenge and educate. Let’s roll!

Test Your Knowledge on Lawn Bowls

1) What is the term for the small ball used as a target in Lawn Bowls?
The term is “jack”.

2) What role does the mat play in Lawn Bowls?
The mat marks the starting point for delivering bowls.

3) Is it mandatory for the jack to cross the mat line during the initial bowl of an end?
True, the jack must be rolled beyond the mat line during the opening bowl of an end.

4) Did the sport of Lawn Bowls originate in ancient Greece?
False, Lawn Bowls has its roots in medieval England.

5) How do you describe the measurement of the distance between bowls and the jack?
This measurement is known as “the shot”.

6) Are the bowls used in Lawn Bowls perfectly round?
False, the bowls are biased, making them not perfectly round.

7) Why is bias important in a Lawn Bowl?
Bias causes the bowl to curve as it rolls, crucial for aiming towards the jack.

8) Do the colors of bowls indicate a player’s position or team in a match?
True, colors of bowls indicate a player’s position or team affiliation.

9) What is the name of the line that marks the boundary of the rink?
This line is called the “boundary peg”.

10) What term is used for a bowl that touches the jack and remains in play?
This is referred to as a “toucher”.

11) Where do players stand to deliver their bowls?
Players stand on the “mat” to deliver their bowls.

12) What’s the maximum number of shots a player can score in a single end?
A player can score a maximum of four shots in a single end.

13) What attire is traditionally worn by Lawn Bowls players in many countries?
Players traditionally wear white or predominantly white attire.

14) Have the size and weight of Lawn Bowls remained the same throughout history?
False, the size and weight of Lawn Bowls have evolved over time.

15) What’s the minimum distance the jack must be from the ditch at the start of each end?
The jack must be at least 23 meters (25 yards) from the ditch.

16) What are the rectangular blocks on the rink’s boundary called?
These are called “boundary pegs” or “boundary markers”.

17) What term describes a bowl that rests completely outside the rink’s boundaries?
This is known as a “dead bowl”.

18) What are the backhand and forehand shots used for in Lawn Bowls?
Backhand and forehand shots provide different angles and options to navigate around obstacles.

19) Was Lawn Bowls included in the inaugural Commonwealth Games in 1930?
True, Lawn Bowls was one of the sports included in the inaugural Commonwealth Games held in 1930.

20) What term is used for the position of a bowl that is closest to the jack?
This position is known as the “shot bowl” or “shot wood”.

Congratulations on completing the Ultimate Lawn Bowls Quiz! Whether you nailed it or learned something new, keep practicing and rolling those bowls!


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