Discover the Best Places to Buy Pre-Loved Lawn Bowls

Are you searching for ‘second hand bowls for sale’ or ‘lawn bowls for sale’ to upgrade your equipment without stretching your budget? Buying pre-loved lawn bowls is a fantastic and affordable option. With a keen eye, you can discover great deals and high-quality hidden gems to enhance your bowling game. This article is your guide to finding the best places to buy second-hand lawn bowls, ensuring you get access to quality gear that suits your budget perfectly.

Maximise Your Savings with These Second-Hand Lawn Bowls Buying Tips

1) Online Marketplaces for Second-Hand Lawn Bowls:
Explore online marketplaces like eBay, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace when searching for ‘lawn bowls for sale used’. These platforms host numerous listings, enabling you to compare prices, check the condition, and communicate directly with sellers. Be sure to read product descriptions, inspect photos, and check seller ratings when shopping for second-hand bowls. Local sellers might also offer savings on shipping costs.

2) Bowling Clubs and Associations:
Bowling clubs and associations are great sources when looking for ‘second hand lawn bowls for sale’. Many of these community hubs have dedicated spaces, either physical bulletin boards or online forums, where members can buy, sell, or exchange their lawn bowls. These platforms often feature gear from fellow bowlers who are upgrading or looking to part ways with their current set. With this localised ‘lawn bowls sale’, you have the opportunity to inspect the equipment in person and seek advice from experienced players. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local club or association to inquire about second-hand bowls.

3) Jumble Sales and Charity Shops:
Don’t underestimate the potential of jumble sales and charity shops when hunting for ‘second hand bowls for sale’. While it might require a touch of luck, there’s always a chance you could stumble upon hidden gems. Keep an eye out for estate sales, community jumble sales, or charity shops that occasionally feature sporting equipment sections. Exploring these unconventional options could lead you to quality ‘used lawn bowls’ at bargain prices.

4) Online Bowls Forums and Communities:
Engaging with online bowls forums and communities can provide you with valuable insights and connections to fellow bowlers who may be selling their ‘used lawn bowls’. Platforms like or have dedicated sections for buying and selling bowls. Participating in these communities not only allows you to network with other enthusiasts but also opens up opportunities to find well-maintained ‘second-hand bowls’.

5) Local Bowls Tournaments and Events:
Attending local bowls tournaments, events, or even open days organized by bowling clubs can offer opportunities to find ‘lawn bowls for sale’ second-hand. Many players bring extra bowls to sell or trade during these gatherings. It’s a chance to interact with bowlers, try out different bowls, and potentially snag a great deal. Keep an eye on local event listings or check with nearby clubs for upcoming gatherings.
When it comes to ‘buying second-hand bowls’, exploring a variety of avenues can yield excellent results. From online marketplaces and ‘local bowling clubs’, to jumble sales, ‘online bowls forums’, and community events, all are worth exploring for ‘lawn bowls sale’. Remember to thoroughly inspect the ‘used bowls’, communicate with sellers, and compare prices before securing your ‘second hand bowls for sale’. By leveraging these resources and keeping an open mind, you’re steps closer to finding the perfect second-hand bowls that fit both your budget and your ‘lawn bowling’ aspirations.


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