Welcome to South Yorkshire

Runners participating in the Round Sheffield Run, overlooking the stunning landscape of South Yorkshire.
Capture the thrill and beauty of the Round Sheffield Run in South Yorkshire from the highest vantage point

Welcome to South Yorkshire, the vibrant city that offers an unforgettable lawn bowls tour experience like no other. As the only place in England where you can see Polar Bears, South Yorkshire combines the thrill of the sport with unique attractions that will leave you captivated.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Yorkshire Wildlife Park, a renowned destination where people from all over the UK flock to witness these incredible animals up close. Explore the park’s diverse wildlife and marvel at the majestic Polar Bears, making your visit an extraordinary and memorable adventure.

But South Yorkshire’s charm doesn’t end there. This Oscar-winning location has been featured in the film industry, with scenes from the acclaimed movie Darkest Hour filmed near Doncaster. Step into history as you visit Brodsworth House, where Churchill’s iconic meeting with the King took place, creating an intriguing connection between the past and the present.

An unexpected connection between Jeremy Clarkson and Paddington Bear adds a delightful twist to South Yorkshire’s tapestry. The Bear Garden factory in Doncaster holds the origins of Clarkson’s childhood companion, leading to a special relationship with the creator, Michael Bond. These bears, crafted with love, have traveled the world, carrying the heartwarming story of their creation.

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