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A tall stone tower standing against a clear blue sky, Faringdon Tower Folly in Oxfordshire.
Discover the majestic Faringdon Tower Folly in Oxfordshire, reaching for the skies

Discover the historic charm of Oxfordshire while indulging in your passion for lawn bowls. Join us for an unforgettable journey through this picturesque county, where tradition meets elegance and intriguing stories unravel at every turn.

Did you know that Oxfordshire has a fascinating connection to one of history’s most infamous figures? During World War II, while other cities across the UK suffered from devastating bombings, Oxford was spared from destruction. Why? It’s believed that Adolf Hitler had set his sights on Oxfordshire, envisioning it as his national city once he conquered Britain. Fortunately, his plans never came to fruition, and Oxfordshire emerged unscathed. This intriguing tale adds an extra layer of allure to the rich tapestry of history that awaits you here.

As you explore the treasures of Oxfordshire, make sure to visit the renowned Ashmolean Museum, a true gem among the UK’s cultural institutions. Founded in 1683, the Ashmolean is not only the oldest museum in the world but also one of the best. Its recent refurbishment has transformed it into an even more spacious haven for art, history, and curiosity. Immerse yourself in the vast collections and marvel at the masterpieces on display, representing centuries of human creativity and ingenuity.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of Faringdon Tower, an architectural gem located in the picturesque region of Oxfordshire, England. Rising gracefully against the backdrop of verdant hills, this majestic folly stands tall, showcasing its intricate design and historical significance. With its ornate details and commanding presence, Faringdon Tower is a testament to the opulence and creativity of bygone eras. Take a step back in time as you explore its impressive structure and marvel at the panoramic vistas that unfold from its vantage point. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply seeking a serene escape, Faringdon Tower offers a captivating experience that combines natural beauty with architectural magnificence.

Join us on our exclusive Lawn Bowls Tour in Oxfordshire and unlock the secrets of this enchanting county. With our expert team guiding you every step of the way, you can relax and enjoy a worry-free journey. Get ready to create cherished memories, forge new friendships, and fall in love with the timeless beauty of Oxfordshire.

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