Introducing a Captivating Lawn Bowls Tour in Berkshire

A view of Berkshire Castle, a magnificent fortress surrounded by picturesque landscapes.
Explore the timeless beauty of Berkshire Castle, standing proudly amidst lush greenery

Welcome to Berkshire, a picturesque county in southern England that is home to a wealth of history, fascinating landmarks, and breathtaking scenery. Our lawn bowls tour in Berkshire offers a unique opportunity for bowls enthusiasts above the age of 55 to explore this captivating region while indulging in their passion for the sport. With our seamless and enjoyable tour experiences, we take care of every detail, ensuring that your club’s journey is worry-free and memorable.

Berkshire boasts a variety of remarkable attractions that will captivate your senses. As you explore the largest town without city status in the UK, Reading, you’ll be immersed in its rich heritage. Did you know that Reading was home to the first-ever Little Chef restaurant, which opened its doors in 1958 on Oxford Road? It’s just one of the many interesting tidbits that make this town special.

Venture further into Berkshire, and you’ll discover Maidenhead, a town renowned for its architectural marvels. One such wonder is the widest brick arch bridge in the world, an engineering feat that will leave you in awe. Capture the perfect photo as you cross this magnificent bridge, creating memories to cherish forever.

No trip to Berkshire would be complete without a visit to the iconic Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the world. Explore its grandeur and immerse yourself in the history that surrounds you. Imagine the tales whispered within these ancient walls as you walk in the footsteps of kings and queens.

As you journey through Berkshire, take a moment to visit the 3rd oldest pub in England, The Ostrich, nestled in Colnbrook. Let the charm of this historic establishment embrace you as you savor a delicious meal and raise a glass to the memories you’ve made on this unforgettable tour.

Berkshire holds a special place in the realm of education and governance. Eton College, located in this county, has educated an impressive 18 of Britain’s Prime Ministers, shaping the course of the nation’s history. And let us not forget Reading Abbey, the final resting place of King Henry I, a site imbued with reverence and a testament to Berkshire’s rich past.

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