Welcome to Cumbria

A picturesque view of Cockermouth, a charming town surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills in Cumbria, England.
Discover the captivating beauty of Cockermouth, nestled in the heart of Cumbria.

Welcome to Cumbria, a captivating destination nestled in the picturesque landscapes of northwest England. Home to Carlisle, the only city in the region, Cumbria boasts a rich history and breathtaking natural beauty. As you embark on your lawn bowls tour in this remarkable city, prepare to be enchanted by its fascinating tales and awe-inspiring landmarks.

Imagine strolling along the remnants of the once-thriving Ship Canal, an engineering marvel that revolutionized industry in Carlisle. Opened in 1823, this canal facilitated the construction of seagoing sailing ships, paving the way for remarkable advancements in commerce. Although the canal’s life was relatively short, its impact on the city’s development remains palpable to this day.

While exploring the Cumbrian countryside, you’ll encounter the striking Bishop of Barf monument. This towering rock stands as a testament to a tragic wager made by the Bishop of Derry in 1783. As the ill-fated bishop attempted to ride his horse up Barf mountain, tragedy struck, forever memorializing his daring but fatal escapade. The locals, dedicated to preserving his memory, keep the rock painted in pristine white—a tradition that endures long after the closure of the Swan hotel.

Delve deeper into history with a visit to the solemn Edward I’s death monument. Known as the “Hammer of the Scots,” Edward I left an indelible mark on the tumultuous relationship between England and Scotland. In 1307, as he prepared to march northward once again, fate intervened. Edward I passed away near Burgh by Sands, a mere five miles west of Carlisle. Today, a magnificent monument erected by Henry Howard stands as a poignant tribute to his reign.

Nature itself becomes a storyteller in Cumbria, as weather lore whispers secrets through the phenomenon known as the Borrowdale Sop. Watch as a small cloud emerges from the Head of Borrowdale, gradually expanding and floating over the enchanting Derwent valley. The direction this cloud takes holds a clue to the weather forecast, guiding you towards sunny skies or imminent rain within the next twenty-four hours.

As you traverse the idyllic Grisedale Tarn, pause at the Parting stone—an inscription that marks the poignant farewell between poet William Wordsworth and his brother John. Tragically, John’s life was cut short when his ship, the Earl of Abergavenny, met its demise off the treacherous coast of Portland Bill. This sorrowful event inspired Wordsworth’s heartfelt poem, forever connecting the stone to their final goodbye.

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